Festivals & outdoor catering

Güicha can be found at a number of festivals around the UK. Sometimes it’s a cafe, sometimes it’s a private chill-out. We are always up for something new so get in touch if you have any collaboration ideas.

Rum bar


There are some excellent rums made in Guatemala, so it’s only right that Güicha moonlights as a rum bar.

Always offering a chilled atmosphere away from the main stage hussle, the bus lends itself to intimate parties - South America’s answer to a speak-easy.

We have a refined cocktail menu, wine, beer & ciders. As far as possible we use local suppliers rather than big name brands.

COFFEE & Shakes


We attend festivals local to us for the sheer fun of it. We generally stick to day-time offerings of coffee, smoothies & milkshakes.

The coffee we use is Guatemalan and is roasted by local (to us) specialty coffee roaster, Beanpress Coffee Co.

Our ice-cream shakes are terribly more-ish and with our vegan versioins being equally as tasty we are hard to avoid!

Our Cafe in Dorset is the HQ where the many delicious treats and snacks are made.



Into the Wild Gathering
We were the only coffee sellers there which made us very popular.

V Dub at the Pub
No, Güicha is very much NOT a VW, however, any engine lover is sure to adore the bus. Again, as the only (good) coffee seller we were jam-packed dawn to dusk.

We have been the on-site café for the RNLI for the past two years at their May Day and Summer fêtes.